The Jesuit Schools Network is eager to encourage a spirit of inquiry across the many layers of our work in Jesuit education. 


Ignatian Inquiry: A Definition

The JSN envisions our particular brand of Ignatian Inquiry to be the art of inquiry as seen through our Ignatian lens; asking questions and exploring issues that matter in our schools through the frame of our shared Jesuit mission.


Ignatian Inquiry

At the JSN, we are eager to encourage a spirit of inquiry across the many layers of our work in Jesuit education. We seek to create space to connect virtually and in person to engage in conversation and learn about the good work that is going on across our schools in North America.

About Our Virtual Ignatian Inquiry Sessions

The JSN is eager to encourage a spirit of inquiry across the many layers of our work in Jesuit education. With our Virtual Ignatian Inquiry Sessions we seek to promote content-based resources for the schools and tell the stories of our schools and the educators in them. 

Virtual Ignatian Inquiry Sessions

The JSN hosts and records regular Virtual Ignatian Inquiry Sessions where initiatives, programs and ideas from around the world of Jesuit education are explored and shared across the Network.


The JSN creates and compiles videos as part of our Ignatian Inquiry program, offering opportunities for educators to listen, learn and engage with other professionals around the Network.

The Ignatian Inquiry Podcast

The JSN creates and records The Ignatian Inquiry Podcast, encouraging timely conversation on issues of interest among our member schools.

Virtual Symposia

The JSN offers virtual symposia on timely issues of the day, gathering educators from around the Network to engage in conversations that are relevant to the work of our member schools.

Summer Master Class

The JSN facilitates cohorts of Ignatian Educators from across the network who engage together in virtual Master Class learning, enlivening our collective mission of forming Ignatian Educators as reflective practitioners.

Academic Rigor in Jesuit Education
Jesuit Schools Network hosted our second annual Ignatian Inquiry After School Virtual Symposium, Academic Rigor in Jesuit Education, on April 17. The two-hour virtual session – moderated by Dr. Kristin Ross Cully, JSN’s Director of Inquiry and New Ventures – discussed the realities educators face in balancing the post-pandemic demands of meeting students where they are in 2023, while embracing the traditional values of a college preparatory Jesuit education at the Secondary and Pre-Secondary levels.


Network Surveys

The Jesuit Schools Network offers its member schools access to three different evaluative tools:

  • The SPS II
  • The IGNIS
  • The SBSR

Inquiry Resource Library

The Jesuit Schools Network continuously compiles and curates the following resources related to Inquiry.

Kristin Cully

Kristin Cully

Director of Inquiry and New Ventures

If you have questions regarding JSN inquiry programs and resources, please contact me.