Summer Master Class

Summer Master Class

The JSN facilitates professional learning cohorts of Ignatian Educators from across the network who engage together in a  virtual Summer Master Class , enlivening our collective mission of forming Ignatian Educators as reflective practitioners.  

2024 Summer Master Class

Adapt, Experiment, Play, and Implement: Learning How To Utilize Artificial Intelligence in Jesuit Schools by Reimagining Our Classrooms and Workspaces With Adaptability and Purpose

The 2024 Summer Master Class topic on Artificial Intelligence was explored in a recent Virtual Ignatian Inquiry Session. Led by Master Class Instructor Spencer Wagner, Mathematics and Fine Arts & Media Technology Teacher, Regis Jesuit High School, the roughly 10-hour course combines 4 asynchronous, self-paced modules with 4 synchronous virtual cohort sessions held from May to October. By dedicating time to experiment and play with resources readily available, participants will learn how to adapt and implement this new world into their classrooms in the fall. Through hands-on learning, we hope to collectively reflect on what accompanying students on their learning journey looks like today, ultimately asking ourselves, “How can I reimagine my role as an Ignatian educator?”

2023 and 2022 Summer Master Classes

2023: Intercultural Communication

This 2023 Master Class offering was explored in our recent JSN Virtual Ignatian Inquiry Session (VIIS), explaining in depth the scope of the content and flow of the cohort experience.  If we want to engage our students in meaningful ways, we must learn to communicate effectively within and across the variety of cultures they represent. Presenters Ciara Beuster and Jim DeAngelo explored these ideals, giving participants a glimpse into the timely and relevant course content of our JSN Summer 2023 Master Class.

2022: Learning by Refraction: 21st Century Ignatian Pedagogy

In partnership with Johnny Go, S.J., the JSN facilitated a cohort of Ignatian educators from across the Network who engaged in a virtual Master Class on the IPP. The 2022 Summer Master Class provided educators the opportunity to take a deep dive into 21st Century Ignatian Pedagogy, and to further promote our collective goal of “Forming Ignatian Educators as Reflective Practitioners.”

Dr. Kristin Ross Cully

Dr. Kristin Ross Cully

Director of Inquiry and New Ventures

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