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Leadership Development


Seminars in Ignatian Leadership

Seminars Schedule Notification

The Seminars in Ignatian Leadership will be paused for the 2024-2026 cycle to allow for a period of reorganization at the JSN.  The 2023-2025 cycle of the program will continue as scheduled.  In April, 2025, communications will begin to resume the program for incoming participants.


The Seminars in Ignatian Leadership is a program provided to educators within the Jesuit Schools Network. The Pasos Ignacianos model of the  program offers a curriculum of leadership development within the context of Ignatius Loyola and his spiritual and vocational growth through his life.   

Using a variety of learning modalities within the context of the IPP, participants engage in a four-session curriculum that deepens their understanding of our Ignatian charism and sharpens their leadership skillset.

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The four session themes and foci:

  • Session I – Loyola: Foundations of Leadership
  • Session II – Manresa: The Discerning Leader
  • Session III – Paris: The Capable Leader
  • Session IV – Rome: The Authentic Leader

Sessions begin Monday evening and conclude before lunch on Friday.  Each session includes time for large group presentations, small group conversations and time for personal reflection.  Cohorts are led by a team of experienced Seminar alumni, who share their professional and personal knowledge and experience with the participants.

Program Cost

The Pasos Ignacianos model of the Seminars is a two-year, four-session program.  Cost is approximately $3,000 per year (depending on cohort locations), which includes tuition, room and board, and all materials.  Travel costs are additional.

Nomination Process

Participation requires nomination from a school president or principal or their designee.  Communications regarding participant nomination are typically sent out in March. Schools are invited to nominate up to two participants each year.  Nominees then complete a short registration form and are then assigned cohorts for the subsequent cycle. Nominees are informed of their admission to the program in late spring.

Three cohorts begin each fall and each cohort is limited to 20 participants.

La Storta Leadership Institute

La Storta Institute

The La Storta Leadership Institute is a program designed to provide further leadership growth and support for evolving leaders; specifically, people  who have been identified as having the potential to be presidents of schools within the Jesuit Schools Network.

Participants experience the program within small, five-person learning cohorts with a single such cohort beginning the program each year.

For more information, please view the adjacent video or read the Program Framework.

Program Sequence

The La Storta Leadership Institute spans three years and is comprised of the following components:

  1. Prelection (a single, virtual introductory meeting)
  2. Program Strands (two years)
  3. Messina Capstone Project (one year)

Each of the two Program Strand years begin with an in-person meeting, with the remainder of the learning engagement for the year being virtual.

Program Cost

Given that most of the learning engagement is done virtually and asynchronously, program cost is estimated to be $500/year plus travel expensese for summer in-person meetings.

Nomination Process

Nomination for the program is managed via communal discernment by JSN staff and PASE people.  Nominees are then vetted by their school presidents before being formally invited to the program.

JSN Leadership Scholarship

The mission of the Jesuit Schools Network (JSN) Leadership Scholarship is to promote the education and formation of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and Multi-Race women and men for service within member schools of the JSN. The JSN commits to collaborating with member schools as they form diverse leaders in support of the mission of Jesuit education.

The application deadline for the 2024-2025 scholarship cycle was March 1, 2023.  Online application for the 2025-2025 cycle will be available in September, 2024.

Scholarship Requirements

The JSN Leadership Scholarship is open to Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and Multi-Race women and men who are:

Undergraduate Studies

  • Alumnae and alumni of JSN member schools
  • Within two years or 30 credits of degree completion at an accredited college or university

Graduate Studies

  • Full-time employees of JSN member schools participating in an approved graduate program

Candidates should work directly with the JSN member school sponsoring them in preparing and then submitting application materials.

Supported Studies

Undergraduate Study

Candidates engaged in an approved undergraduate course of study may be reimbursed for tuition (not fees, books, etc.) up to two (2) classes per fiscal year (after other tuition-based financial aid) at accredited colleges and universities. The maximum annual reimbursement is $1500 per course.

Graduate Study

Regular full-time employees of JSN member schools are eligible for tuition assistance in furthering their education at the graduate level. Employees who participate in an approved graduate program may be reimbursed for graduate tuition (not fees, books, etc.) up to two (2) classes per fiscal year (after school support as defined by the school’s Employee Handbook and other tuition-based financial aid awards) for job-related credit courses taken at accredited colleges and universities. The maximum annual reimbursement is $2500 per course per fiscal year.

How to Apply

The following materials are required to be submitted when completing the online application form.

1. Letter of Recommendation – The Director of Work of a JSN member school should submit a Letter of Recommendation to the JSN Leadership Scholarship Committee attesting to the candidate’s qualifications for the Scholarship: employment status, current and prospective role, and those personal and professional qualifications that commend him or her to serving in that role and thus receiving the Scholarship. The letter should also agree to the conditions of future employment as described in the Scholarship program.

2. Personal Statement – A candidate should submit a Personal Statement that includes a reflection on his or her current or desired ministry in Jesuit secondary or presecondary education, considering his or her personal and professional interests and desires, and considering the Jesuit document, “A Living Tradition.” The statement should not exceed 250 words.

3. Proposal for Study – Candidates should develop and submit a Proposal for Study, which includes a summary of planned activity (including projected time frame to completion); the benefit of the degree program to the individual and to the school; and the expected outcomes (including deliverables and achievements).

Applications and awards are annually considered on a first-come, first-served basis.


The Jesuit Schools Network continuously compiles and curates the following resources related to Leadership Development. Click the button below to access the Leadership Development Resource Library. 

Tim Sassen

Tim Sassen

Director of Leadership Development

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