Leadership Development

Learn about our long-standing Seminars in Ignatian Leadership program that provides spiritual and professional growth opportunities for our educators.

Leadership Development

Tim Sassen

Tim Sassen

Director of Leadership Development and Communications

If you have questions related to any of the programs or resources that the JSN offers in leadership development, please contact me.


COVID-19 Protocols and Guidelines:

JSN Vaccination Protocol for In-Person Events: In consideration of the common good, only those who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 may attend JSN events and meetings. Given the many places from which our constituents come, we believe this is a faithful response to Jesus’ command to love our neighbor as ourselves.” 

Health Guidelines: The JSN will continue to follow CDC, local area and location-specific guidelines when hosting any event.  Specific parameters regarding health and safety will be provided immediately prior to the event as well as on the JSN web site.



Seminars in Ignatian Leadership



The Seminars in Ignatian Leadership is a program provided to educators within the Jesuit Schools Network. The Pasos Ignacianos model of the  program offers a curriculum of leadership development within the context of Ignatius Loyola and his spiritual and vocational growth through his life.   The program has been designed with adult learning theory specifically in mind. The program attempts to model Ignatian pedagogy by engaging Seminar participants in a continual interplay of experience, reflection and action.

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The four session themes and foci:

  • Session I – Loyola: Foundations of Leadership
  • Session II – Manresa: The Spiritual Leader
  • Session III – Paris: The Capable Leader
  • Session IV – Rome: The Authentic Leader

Sessions begin Monday evening and conclude before lunch on Friday.  Each session includes time for large group presentations, small group conversations and time for personal reflection.  Cohorts are led by a team of experienced Seminar alumni, who share their professional and personal knowledge and experience with the participants.

Program Cost

The Pasos Ignacianos model of the Seminars is a two-year, four-session program.  Cost is approximately $3,000 per year (depending on cohort locations), which includes tuition, room and board, and all materials.  Travel costs are additional.

Nomination Process

Participation requires nomination from a school president or principal or their designee.  Communications regarding participant nomination are typically sent out in March. Schools are invited to nominate up to two participants each year.  Nominees then complete a short registration form and are then assigned cohorts for the subsequent cycle. Nominees are informed of their admission to the program in late spring.

Three cohorts begin each fall and each cohort is limited to 20 participants.

Seminars App

Download the Seminars App

In 2020, we launched a “pocket companion” to the Seminars for both current participants and program alumni.  The free  mobile app is available for iOS and Android phones.

App features include:

  • Access to all program materials
  • Site location information and directions
  • Photo and story sharing
  • JSN Twitter feed
  • Videos, podcasts and network opportunities

Beyond Rome – Alumni Opportunities

Continuing the Camino

Each year, dozens of participants graduate from the Seminars and wonder what’s next? for their experience.  

The JSN works to keep in touch with Seminars grads and ensure that their leadership camino continues beyond Rome.  Opportunities for collaboration, leadership and companionship will be shared via email and continuously via the Seminars App.  

JSN Leadership Scholarship

The mission of the Jesuit Schools Network (JSN) Leadership Scholarship is to promote the education and formation of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and Multi-Race women and men for service within member schools of the JSN. The JSN commits to collaborating with member schools as they form diverse leaders in support of the mission of Jesuit education.

Applications Now Being Accepted

Applications for the 2022-2023 academic year are being accepted through March 1, 2022.

Supported Studies

Undergraduate Study 

Alumni and alumnae of JSN member schools are eligible for tuition assistance in completing their education at the undergraduate level. Candidates engaged in an approved undergraduate course of study may be reimbursed for tuition (not fees, books, etc.) up to $100 per credit hour (after other tuition-based financial aid) at accredited colleges and universities. The maximum annual reimbursement is $3,000 ($100 per credit x 15 credits per semester x 2 semesters). Only the final two years, or final 30 credits, of undergraduate study leading up to the awarding of a bachelor’s degree are eligible for this program. 

Graduate Study 

Regular full-time employees of JSN member schools are eligible for tuition assistance in furthering their education at the graduate level. Employees who participate in an approved graduate program may be reimbursed for graduate tuition (not fees, books, etc.) up to 2 classes per fiscal year (after school support as defined by the school’s Employee Handbook and other tuition-based financial aid awards) for job-related credit courses taken at accredited colleges and universities. The maximum annual reimbursement will not exceed $5,000 per fiscal year.  

Scholarship Requirements

Recipients of the JSN Leadership Scholarship will receive their awards in the form of a loan. Upon successful completion of their approved course of study, the loan will be forgiven at the end of two years of successful full-time subsequent employment at the member school that supported them. Recipients of the loan not completing their commitment will be required to refund the loan.  

The nominating member school agrees to hire the recipient and compensate the recipient according to the school’s salary and benefits schedule. If the nominating school does not have a position to offer and cannot place the recipient in another JSN member school agreeable to the recipient, the recipient will not be required to pay back the loan. The continuing employment status of the JSN Leadership Scholarship recipient is contingent upon the employment policies of the school at which the recipient is employed. 

How to Apply

Eligible Candidates – The JSN Leadership Scholarship is open to Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and Multi-Race women and men who are alumni, alumnae, or regular full-time employees of JSN member schools.  Candidates should work directly with the JSN member school sponsoring them in preparing and then submitting the following application materials.

Letter of Recommendation – The Director of Work of a JSN member school should submit a Letter of Recommendation to the JSN Leadership Scholarship Committee attesting to the candidate’s qualifications for the Scholarship: employment status, current and prospective role, and those personal and professional qualifications that commend him or her to serving in that role and thus receiving the Scholarship. The letter should also agree to the conditions of future employment as described in the Scholarship program.

Personal Statement – A candidate should submit a Personal Statement that includes a reflection on his or her current or desired ministry in Jesuit secondary or presecondary education, considering his or her personal and professional interests and desires, and considering the Jesuit document, “A Living Tradition.” The statement should not exceed 250 words.

Proposal for Study – Candidates should develop and submit a Proposal for Study, which includes a summary of planned activity (including projected time frame to completion); the benefit of the degree program to the individual and to the school; and the expected outcomes (including deliverables and achievements).

Letter of Good Standing – In successive years after a candidate is accepted into the Scholarship program, the member school shall attest to a participant’s status in an annual Letter of Good Standing.

Application Materials & Letters of Good Standing – Application materials and successive-year Letters of Good Standing are due for the 2022-2023 academic year before March 1st, 2022. Because funds for the JSN Leadership Scholarship are limited, annual awards will be granted first to those renewing their requests, and then to new applicants, in the order in which their application materials were received.

Please send all materials and letters electronically to:  

The JSN Leadership Scholarship
c/o Tim Sassen
Director of Leadership Development
Jesuit Schools Network
Email: tsassen@jesuits.org


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