Mission Formation

Learn about the many mission-related programs and support opportunities the JSN provides, in particular with regard to engaging in the Spiritual Exercises.

Mission Formation



The Colloquium on Jesuit Education is a triennial meeting of Ignatian educators focusing on a pertinent current issue in Jesuit secondary education. To learn more, please visit our Colloquium page.

Ignatian Colleagues Gatherings

In place of the prior sequence of specific role-based cohort meetings we have decided to move toward a broader, thematic structure of conference-wide Ignatian Colleagues Gatherings across a two-year cycle in the areas of academics, co-curricular and student life, leadership, mission and ministry, and school operations and support. 

To learn more about our new model for network-wide gatherings, please see our Ignatian Colleagues Gatherings page.

Cohort Connections

The JSN provides ongoing opportunities by which members of our network can engage in synchronous and asynchronous conversations.  For more information, please visit our Cohort Connections page.

    JSN Spiritual Exercises Mini Grant Program

    The purpose of the Jesuit Schools Network (JSN) Spiritual Exercises Mini Grant Program is to foster meaningful engagement in the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius Loyola by those serving in JSN member schools. The JSN commits to collaborating with member schools as they form women and men to serve a school’s Jesuit mission. 


    Regular full-time employees of JSN member schools are eligible for financial support as they participate in formative experiences of the Spiritual Exercises Employees who participate in retreats, seminars, spiritual direction, etc., specific to the Spiritual Exercises may receive up to $300 or ¼ the cost of each session per fiscal year (after applied school funding support as defined by a policy such as the school’s Professional Development Plan or Employee Handbook) 

    How to Apply

    Personal Statement – A candidate should submit a Personal Statement that includes a reflection on how the proposed experience would enhance his or her current or desired ministry in Jesuit secondary or presecondary education.  In preparing the statement, he or she should prayerfully consider the Universal Apostolic Preferences, particularly UAP01, “Showing the way to God,” and include that reflection within the essay. The statement should not exceed 350 words. 

    Experience Description – Candidates should develop and submit a brief description of the proposed experience, including a summary of planned activity, the benefit of the experience to the individual and to the school, and the expected outcomes. 

    Letter of Good Standing – The member school shall attest to a participant’s employment status in a Letter of Good Standing. 

    Application Materials – Application materials are received on a rolling basis. Because funds are limited, these mini grants will be awarded in the order in which application materials are received. We cannot guarantee that all requests will be funded. 

    Please send all materials and letters electronically to:  

    The JSN Spiritual Exercises Mini Grant Program 
    c/o Tom Noonan
    Director of Ignatian Mission Formation 
    Email: tnoonan@jesuits.org 


    The Jesuit Schools Network continuously compiles and curates the following resources related to Mission Formation:

    Tom Noonan

    Tom Noonan

    Director of Ignatian Mission Formation

    If you have questions related to mission formation, please contact me.