Professional Development Virtual Courses

Introducing JSN LEARN

In partnership with Catholic Faith Technologies, Jesuit Schools Network has developed an exciting new professional development course called JSN LEARN. Open to all Jesuit educators and colleagues free of charge, JSN LEARN courses feature online, asynchronous module “courses” adapted from our annual Virtual Spring Symposia, held each spring. JSN LEARN adapts the symposium’s video recording into a single virtual course, comprised of individual learning modules with a speaker introduction, presentation, reflection questions for journaling, and supplemental resources.

Jesuit Schools Are Committed To Life-Long Learning

We imagine this learning experience to be a good fit for professional development programs in your school communities. It can be considered for individual learning, cohort-based department groups, or even as a complement for full faculty in-service days in your school. We believe the topics covered in JSN LEARN are relevant to a wide-range of roles in our Network – from classroom teachers and leaders to support staff and board members – everyone who has a hand in shaping the learning of the students in our care.

We’re confident everyone will glean learning and insights that apply to their work in Jesuit schools. We hope you’ll consider utilizing this new JSN LEARN opportunity in a way that fits your school community best.

Course Information & Registration


To register for JSN LEARN and begin the course, follow this step-by-step guide to create an account and click the button below to begin the course. Please contact Kristin Ross Cully at kcully@jesuits.org with any questions.

Academic Rigor in Jesuit Education

This course is adapted from the spring 2023 Ignatian Inquiry After School Virtual Symposium entitled, Academic Rigor in Jesuit Education: What Does Academic Rigor Look Like in Light of the Changing Needs of Students in Our Jesuit Schools?  It’s a conversation on the realities educators are facing in balancing the post-pandemic demands of meeting students where they are while embracing the traditional values of a college preparatory Jesuit education at the Secondary and Pre-Secondary levels.​

The Power of Women in Jesuit Education

This course revolves around the 2022 Virtual Spring Symposium titled, The Power of Women in Jesuit Education: A Conversation on the Realities of Professional Women in a Pandemic World: Bringing Together Female Educators to Reflect on Their Experience and Celebrate Their Impact.