Mission Formation

Learn about the many mission-related programs and support opportunities the JSN provides, in particular with regard to engaging in the Spiritual Exercises.

Spiritual Exercises Sponsorship

Tom Noonan

Tom Noonan

Director of Ignatian Mission Formation

If you have questions related to our new Ignatian Colleagues Gathering model, please contact me.

In keeping with an established priority of the Society of Jesus, the JSN provides financial support to individuals from our schools who would like to have an experience of the Spiritual Exercises. We can allocate up to $500 to an individual to cover the costs or help offset costs for a Spiritual Exercises program.

Recognizing that there are many ways to engage the Exercises through on-site retreats of varying duration and even digital platforms, this funding is intended to cover specific program costs. Our priority is to distribute the funds to support as many individuals as possible in having an authentic encounter with the Spiritual Exercises.

Requests for funding should come from school principals or mission formation directors. For further information, please contact Tom Noonan, Director of Ignatian Mission Formation.