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Learn about our long-standing Seminars in Ignatian Leadership program that provides spiritual and professional growth opportunities for our educators.

Leadership Development

Seminars in Ignatian Leadership – Nominee Registration

Tim Sassen

Tim Sassen

Director of Leadership Development and Communications

If you have questions related to our Seminars in Ignatian Leadership, please contact me.


Welcome to the Seminars in Ignatian Leadership registration!  You are here because a member of your school community nominated you for the next cycle of the Seminars. This next step will get you officially registered and move you forward along this remarkable journey.

To make this process as efficient and understandable as possible, please step through the sequence below:


  1. The Big Picture: if you have not already done so, please visit the Seminars landing page and introduce yourself to the scope and purpose of the program. Context setting – it’s Ignatian!
  2. Pilgrims, not Passengers: the experience of the Seminars is one of being a pilgrim, like Ignatius himself. Unlike the experience of being a passenger on a cruise ship, it inherently requires a degree of openness, humility and “leaning in.”  Keep this in mind as you are registering. It will not be the same as booking a trip; you will have the opportunity to indicate preferred dates, but the location of your journey will be something you learn of later.

    Seminars dates are established more than two years in advance.  Please be flexible when you choose your preferred dates.  If your availability is limited to only one set of dates, it may not be possible for you to be enrolled in this next cycle.

  3. COVID-19: In the hopes that vaccinations will  be completed and that social-distancing concerns will be lessened, the JSN is moving forward with the scheduling of our Seminars sessions in October and November of 2021.  You will be asked within the registration process to indicate your capacity and comfort for travel.  Please know that, because of the inherently communal nature of the program, there is no virtual or hybrid option for participation.

As of Thursday, May 27, 2021, the extended deadline and capacity for registration for the 2021-2023 Seminars cycle have been reached.  Please contact Tim Sassen if you have questions.