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Connecting Threads

Tim Sassen

Tim Sassen

Director of Leadership Development and Communications

If you have questions related to our Connecting Threads platform, please contact me.

VoiceThread - Asynchronous Conversations

VoiceThread - Asynchronous Conversations

The JSN has piloted the use of VoiceThread as an interactive means by which to structure and share conversations on key topics within our network.  Entitled Connecting Threads, This platform to facilitates asynchronous dialogue on programs, policies and innovations within the sphere of our work in Jesuit education.  

Connecting Threads – Academic Year 2020

This VoiceThread module structures conversations around critical topics for this academic year.  Faculty and staff members from across the Jesuit Schools Network are invited to exchange questions, ideas and comments in this ongoing conversational space.

This VoiceThread is embedded to the right/below or it can be accessed directly.

Current Topics

The following are screenshots of the panels of conversation currently going on within Connecting Threads.  

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