The JSN is providing video conferencing and documentation resources in what we’re calling Virtual Coffee Shops.

Virtual Coffee Shops

About Our Virtual Coffee Shops

About Our Virtual Coffee Shops

In 2020, the JSN launched the Virtual Coffee Shops initiative as part of our effort to support communications and foster companionship across our network. These videoconference sessions provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and questions.

The JSN plans to continue these opportunities in support of and coordination with:

  1. Ignatian Colleagues Gatherings
  2. Cohort-specific communications
  3. Ignatian Inquiry sessions
  4. Ad hoc circumstances

If you have questions about our Virtual Coffee Shops, please contact Tim Sassen.

Virtual Coffee Shops 2021 - 2022

“What’s Your Story?” Counterstory VCS

Tuesday, December 14 at 3:00 pm ET

Zoom link: 

Virtual Coffee Shops 2020-2021

A Year of Virtual Coffee Shops

From April 2020 to April 2021, the JSN hosted over 50 Virtual Coffee Shop sessions.  Hundreds of voices and perspectives were shared through the course of these sessions, which focused on the impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our schools.

In April 2021, the JSN compiled a brief summative report on what we had heard over the past year.  That report, entitled COVID-19: Our Ignatian Discernment and Response, is below:

COVID-19: Our Ignatian Discernment and Response

Sharing Resources - Document Warehouse

In connection with our Virtual Coffee Shops, the JSN invites attendees to share documents related to the conversational topic.  [View the document collection]

Continuing The Conversations - Connecting Threads

The conversations within our Virtual Coffee Shops can continue asynchronously within the JSN’s Connecting Threads.  This interactive platform allows our network members to exchange questions and ideas on key topics and issues via video, audio and text comments.