The JSN is partnering with Unsung Heroes to coordinate and share inspirational, student-produced videos of special individuals in our network.

Unsung Heroes Student Video Project


Welcome to the landing page for the JSN’s Unsung Heroes video initiative.  Here is the complete set of instructions to help your school be part of this project…

The Context

Unsung Heroes is an organization that helps schools create experiences and produce videos that spotlight special individuals in their school communities.  The JSN is partnering with them in the hopes of getting students within our schools to share stories of their unsung heroes.

Creating Your School Video

WHO: We want the video to be produced by and voiced by students.  A team of 3-5 on the production team along with 3-5 testimonials should suffice.

The person identified as the unsung hero can be any member of the school’s faculty and staff.  Teachers, custodians, librarians, security guards, cafeteria workers, support staff – they are all welcome candidates!

WHAT: The video should adhere to the following parameters:

  1. It should focus on the unsung hero and show the person in their work environment such that their impact and sacrifice is understood.
  2. It can include “talking head” testimonials from students.
  3. It should be no longer than three minutes in length.

EXAMPLE VIDEOS: These videos that have been produced by Unsung Heroes are good examples of what this project is seeking to produce:

WHEN: Videos should be completed and sent to the JSN no later than May 20, 2020.

HOW: You can submit your completed video in one of the following ways:

  1. Upload it to a cloud storage of video platform of your choice (YouTube, Vimeo.etc) and then email the link to Dr. Tim Sassen at the JSN –
  2. Email Dr. Sassen and request a link to the JSN’s SharePoint cloud storage system.
  3. Use #JSNUnsungHeroes when posting your completed video to social media.


Email Dr. Sassen with your questions.  The JSN wants to support your efforts in whatever way we can!

Video Gallery

Loyola School – New York
Created by Nicholas Jacobsen
Featuring Juan Toro

Loyola School – New York
Created by Steven Xie
Featuring Jalma Guevara

Bellarmine Preparatory School – Tacoma, WA
Created by the Bellarmine Lion Broadcast New Staff
Featuring Jennifer O’Loughlin