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The worldwide scope of Jesuit education invites us to engage in our Jesuit mission in a manner that recognizes the interconnectedness of our local, regional and world community.

JSN Leadership Scholarship Application



Read the Scholarship Introduction

You should thoroughly review and understand the introductory information within the Leadership Development web page.


Apply in Full

Applications need to be submitted in their entirety – this form cannot be returned to for incremental updating.


Uploading Materials

First time applicants need to upload three files within the application:

  • Proposal of Study
  • Personal Statement
  • Letter of Recommendation

Applicants applying for successive years, within the same course of study need only to upload a Letter of Good Standing.

JSN Leadership Scholarship - Application
  • Applicant Information
  • Program Information
  • Material Uploads
  • Summary
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Applicant Information

Your email will be used to identify your school.
I am applying for:

Criteria for each of these two supported types of study can be found within the Supported Studies section of the JSN Leadership Scholarship description.

For my current course of study, this is my: