Assistant Director of Technical Operations

//Assistant Director of Technical Operations

Position: Technology

Accepting through: January 31, 2019

State/Province: New York

Position Description:

The Assistant Director of Technical Operations (ADTO) is a full-time position at Fordham Preparatory School, directly reporting to the Director of Technical Operations (DTO). The ADTO position operates in two primary capacities: as a technical support engineer and as a network systems administrator, tending to ongoing support and maintenance of infrastructure components.  Serving as a tier-2 technical support engineer, the ADTO receives support requests which have been unresolved by the tier-1 help desk staff.  In addition, depending on volume of work, the ADTO may address tier-1 support issues directly.  If a support request remains unresolved, the ADTO has the option to elevate the request to tier-3 support, the DTO.

Beyond facilitating support requests and tending to daily and scheduled infrastructure maintenance, the ADTO plays an integral role in the research and development phases of the ongoing growth of Fordham Preparatory School’s technical infrastructure.  The ADTO works directly with the DTO to evaluate, implement and support ongoing technological initiatives.  An in-depth understanding of the relations and interdependencies of the various IT components is necessary in order to ensure appropriate functionality.  As such, the ADTO is expected to remain current regarding current best practices as well as emerging technologies. Specific responsibilities and application process can be found in the attachment.