Virtual Ignatian Inquiry Sessions

Virtual Ignatian Inquiry Sessions

The JSN is eager to encourage a spirit of inquiry across the many layers of our work in Jesuit education. With our Virtual Ignatian Inquiry Sessions we seek to promote content-based resources for the schools and tell the stories of our schools and the educators in them. 

Latest Session

Intercultural Communication

Tuesday, January, 17 at 3 p.m. ET

“Ideally, each human being, or each person, should feel like a part of humanity, and be aware of their own culture (enculturation), without making it absolute. They should do so critically, joyfully acknowledging the existence of other human beings with different cultures (multiculturality), and establishing relationships of equality with them, enriching themselves with a diversity of cultures that includes their own (interculturality).” (A Living Tradition, Global Identifier #7, Interculturality) 

Intercultural Communication is a skill that is becoming an important part of the teaching and learning experience of contemporary JSN schools, particularly as our students become increasingly diverse. If we want to engage our students in meaningful ways, we must learn to communicate effectively within and across the variety of cultures they represent.  This virtual session will explore these ideals and allow participants a glimpse into the timely and relevant course content of our JSN Summer 2023 Master Class.  This conversation will be of interest to all leadership, faculty and staff across the Provinces who are called to support students in our schools.

About the Speakers

Ciara Beuster

Ciara Beuster was Jesuit educated and maintained a connection with a Jesuit organization for young people throughout her third level studies. After completing an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Masters in Intercultural Education, Ciara joined the Educate Magis team in 2014. Her first role at Educate Magis (the online platform connecting Jesuit schools worldwide) was as Community Facilitator. She later worked as Global Citizenship coordinator for a number of years before recently taking on a new role as Global Community Associate Director.  Growing up bilingually and having worked, studied and lived in a number of countries around the world, Ciara is particularly passionate about meeting new people, communicating across different cultures and languages and building strong intercultural relationships. 

Jim DeAngelo

Jim DeAngelo currently serves as the interim Head of Upper School at the Browning School in New York City.  Prior to that, he served as principal at St. Peter’s Prep in Jersey City, NJ, from 2007-2022.  His experience also includes close to two decades as a teacher of German and department chair.  As chair and principal, he supported a significant expansion of the school’s global programming.  He also worked as an education delegate for the former New York Province of the Jesuits, working with middle and high schools.  He taught for one year at Canisius Kolleg, the Jesuit high school in Berlin, Germany, as part of a teacher exchange.  In higher ed, he worked as an adjunct instructor in the German Department at Rutgers University-New Brunswick, where he founded the summer study abroad program Rutgers in Berlin, which he also directed for three years.

Recent Sessions

Coming of Age in 2022: Leveraging Research and Development to Foster Young People’s Restoration and Thriving

Dr. Gabriel Velez

Drawing on his own research and broader trends, Dr. Velez will share about the current landscape in research and thinking on what young people are going through given the complexities of the last few years. Much of the conversation around young people has been about the crises and challenges they face. While the struggles are real, Dr. Velez will highlight some ways that young people are describing how they make sense and are coping, with implications for how Ignatian educators can think about responding and supporting them. The presentation will thus center on two main questions: 1) how do we put things back together in ways that are better than before, and how do we help kids restore their sense of wellbeing? This conversation will be of interest to all leadership, faculty and staff across the Provinces who are called to support students.

About the Speaker

Dr. Gabriel Velez, PhD, is an assistant professor and developmental psychologist in the Department of Educational Policy and Leadership in the College of Education at Marquette University. He also serves as the Faculty Director of the Black and Latino/Latina Ecosystem and Support Transition Hub at Marquette, and the Chair of the Faculty Research Team for the Center for Peacemaking. Dr. Velez studies identity development in adolescents, particularly in relation to educational experiences and transitions. He has collaborated extensively with schools and nonprofit educational organizations in Milwaukee and Colombia, including consulting and overseeing implementation and evaluation of restorative justice and peace education.   He was recently awarded a Spencer Foundation Small Research grant to study Black and Latino/Latina students perceptions and meaning making of school-based restorative justice. Dr. Velez’s published works include a co-edited volume Restorative Justice: Promoting Peace and Wellbeing and a current book in development entitled Making Meaning of Justice and Peace: A Developmental Lens to Restorative Justice and Peace Education with Cambridge University Press.

Deepening the Global Dimensions of Jesuit Schools:  A Conversation on Launching JSN Programs for Global Awareness

Catharine Steffens

What does being a Globally-minded school actually mean? Is it that the school offers opportunities for travel and service?  Or are we invited to see and be more?   What do global engagement, networking, and collaboration imply for students and colleagues in our schools?  And how can slight shifts in the culture of our schools and collaboration among programs and offerings in our schools help form students who will be prepared for this present-day world they will be stepping into? Can all of this be grounded in mission and core Ignatian Jesuit teachings?  Join us as we share new innovative programming from the JSN that responds to the invitations these questions pose. This conversation will be of interest to school leadership, faculty and staff who are called to support globally minded learning and collaborative networking in Jesuit schools across the network.

About the Speaker

Catharine Steffens serves as the Director of Global Partnerships and Initiatives for the Jesuit Schools Network. She is also the Assistant for Global Initiatives for the Society of Jesus Secretariat of Secondary and Pre-Secondary in Rome.