The Ignatian Inquiry Podcast

The Ignatian Inquiry Podcast

The JSN seeks to be a supportive resource to our member schools, and this podcast is designed to be just that – a carved out space to listen, learn, and engage with issues that matter to our collective work as Ignatian Educators. We are eager to encourage a spirit of inquiry across the many layers of our work in Jesuit education.  We envision our particular brand of Ignatian Inquiry to be….The art of inquiry as seen through our Ignatian lens; asking questions and exploring issues that matter in our schools through the frame of our shared Jesuit mission.

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The Story of One Leader’s Journey into the Connection Between Ecological Conversion and Ignatian Leadership

A Conversation with Dr. Karin Botto

This episode focuses on the story of one leader’s journey into the connection between ecological conversion and Ignatian leadership, of understanding how to support and develop individuals to activate their leadership around environmental sustainability. Dr. Karin Botto’s concept of the ‘ecological self’ is an important one for the Universal Apolostic Principles that are at the heart of so much of our work in Jesuit Secondary and Pre-Secondary Education. Her curiosity and foundation in research around the ‘conversion of self,’ of ‘being’ that leads to ‘doing’ is interesting and relevant to the daily efforts of teachers and leaders within our schools.

Dr. Botto's Biography and Contact Information

Dr. Karin Botto has worked in Jesuit higher education for more than two decades in leadership and organizational development, mission integration, human resources, and strategic planning. In 2015, Karin co-developed and published a model of Ignatian Leadership in the Journal of Jesuit Business Education which became the backbone for several leadership development experiences across the United States. In 2019, she was the only woman to represent the United States and Canadian Conference at a global meeting in Rome sharing best practices in Ignatian Leadership. This event became the springboard for her dissertation research at Creighton University on the 4th Universal Apostolic Preference entitled, Developing the Ecological Self for Sustainability Leadership in Jesuit Higher Education in the United StatesKarin currently serves as Senior HR Business Partner at Syracuse University, and teaches individual and collective discernment at the masters level at Le Moyne College. Other publications Karin has contributed include Women Courageous: Leading through the Labyrinth (2021) and Success After Tenure: Supporting Mid-career Faculty (2018). Her most important roles are wife to Mike, and mother to Jack, Gwyneth, and Gavin.


For more information about Ignatian Leadership or developing the ecological self, Karin can be reached at or