Ignatian Colleagues Gathering

Jesuit Superiors

March 19-22, 2024

Franciscan Renewal Center

Scottsdale, AZ


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The Jesuit Superior: Leading an Apostolic Community in the Change of the Eras 

As the title indicates, the GC 35 document, “Governance at the Service of Universal Mission,” addresses the ways Jesuit governance structures and leadership roles work together in service of the Society’s universal mission. In describing the superior’s role, the document includes “love of the members of his community and support for their local apostolic responsibilities and religious lives” as well as “developing (the community’s) apostolic life” as key elements of the superior’s duties. In the words of Fr. Sosa’s March 2023 “Letter to the Whole Society: Care in the governance of the life mission of the Society in this change of the eras,” the contemporary superior’s role reflects the “inseparable and complementary dimensions of cura apostolica and cura personalis exercised in the life-mission of the Society.” 

This is a tall order, especially in an era of multi-apostolic communities and, in the words of the 70th Congregation of Procurators, “communities composed of a significant number of members who may have no direct dealings with the apostolate.” In the former situation, superiors are pulled in many different directions and often can feel “over-extended” to the detriment of fulfilling their roles. In the latter situation, many join those assembled at the 70th Congregation of Procurators and ask, “If the Jesuit communities are no longer the ‘power’ in the apostolate, what is the role of the Jesuit community?” the Jesuit Superior? Leading muti-apostolic communities responsible for apostolates in which few or no Jesuits currently serve is a challenge to the local superior’s combined duties of cura apostolicaand cura personalis.


JSN only charges participants for the costs we incur – we do not operate Ignatian Colleague Gatherings at a profit. The approximate Event Registration fee for this ICG is $950. 

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Planning Group:

  • Karin Botto, Ed.D. (Facilitator), Senior Human Resources Business Partner, Syracuse University, Syracuse
  • Billy Biegler, S.J., Superior, Loyola Jesuit Community, Los Angeles
  • Jim Croghan, S.J., Superior, BC High Jesuit Community, Boston
  • Pat Fairbanks, S.J., Superior, Taylor Street Jesuit Community, Chicago
  • Bob Reiser, S.J., Executive Director, Jesuit Schools Network, Washington, DC

If you have questions or suggestions as we prepare for our Jesuit Superiors ICG, please contact:

Bob Reiser, S.J. | jccuseced@jesuits.org
Executive Director
Jesuit Schools Network


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